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About Sun Agro

Sun Agro is a will known organization for its leadership in cattle feed industry. Apart from marketing of dairy products, Sun Agro also provides support in dairy farming. We have situated in Vanarasi. We produce high quality feeds at our plant which will increase the productivity of animals by providing balanced nutrition with necessary proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals etc. in required proportion a suggested by animal nutritionists.

Sun Agro benefits

Use Sun Agro feeds to –

  1. Increase in milk production
  2. Improvement in health of animal
  3. Improvement in fat content of milk
  4. Regularization of reproductive cycle and animal coming to heat at regular interval.
  5. Improvement in Immunity of animal
  6. Prevention from metabolic diseases and deficiency syndromes.

We help farmers to improve their farm productivity and profitability. Our focus will be to leverage capabilities to develop cost effective solutions to improve animal productivity.

Animal Feed

India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of milk. Sun Agro products are prepared with high quality feed for milk production levels of cows and buffaloes. These products contain proteins, energy, minerals and vitamins in adequate quantity and proportion to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle. We offer various quality of cattle feed to enhance milk production, reproductive ability and the overall health of cattle. Our Team work closely with farmers and offer on-site assistance to help them achieve higher yields.